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A few days late! (As usual) But I thought of updating my blog in courtesy of the year 2015.

People often make new years as a big deal, I guess it's because of the wishes and the joy of hanging out with your family/friends while watching fireworks or just staying at home and doing family stuff keeps one happy.

For me, I don't usually celebrate New Years, not in Malaysia atleast. Because it's that time of the year when I rush for assignments and what not.
However, it turned out to be a little different for me this (or last) year since I'm far far away from home and I am so grateful that I am able to spend New Years with my cousin sister and a few friends of mine abroad.

I didn't go down to London (although the New Years celebrations there are awesome) but rather, I stayed in Cardiff and went to the City Hall to watch their fireworks. It wasn't that great but the feeling of being overseas and getting to watch this may just be a lifetime opportunity.

Plus!! I got to ice skate for the first time! My feet hurt but screw it, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had! :D

I read most of people's statuses/captions and most of it are more or less the same (including mine, maybe. hehe.) But really, it's great to see that they had their fair share of life experiences (good and bad ones).

Anyhow, I'd just like to wish everyone (including myself) All the Best in whatever they do and have fun!

p/s: I don't get it, whenever I take pictures with my iphone and edit it with a filter and I upload it on my computer, the filter just disappears. Sigh pie.

See you soon!

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