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I'm pretty sure many people are wondering what GenCorporate is all about, and I am here to explain to you.

GenCorporate (which is the short form for Generation Corporate) is a student organization which aims to represent aspiring young Malaysian students who are currently pursuing their tertiary education in the United Kingdom (got it from their website)

So basically we link Malaysian students with CEOs and such to network and hopefully gain some experience from there.

I signed up to be part of their executive committee (under the Branding Team) and had to attend an interview at the Malaysian Hall, London back in December and I must say it was an amazing experience, going down to London for the first time (or else I would never go down because I'm just too lazy, LOL). The interview went smoothly? It wasn't that scary as I thought it would be and the directors were friendly as ever.

Note; this organization was set up by a group of students from various universities :)

I met a few amazing people during my interview since we were paired in groups and I got to know some of them from there. Personally, I thought that my interview was mediocre and went there with the mindset of 'experiencing something new' and also because my MSSCF's President urged me to try it out and so why not? I had nothing to lose.

It was really shocking that I got to be part of the Branding team when I received the email a month later. Then I thought, 'More responsibilities on the way, Sof.' I sighed at the thought of that but I chose this path and I was going to get through it and learn more stuff with new people.

May I present to you GC's Branding Team! 
Our very first ooVoo meeting! And the boss of my team would be Harrizal the guy on the bottom left. 

The Branding Team basically designs the posters and works along with the PR team to promote on GC since we're a new organization.

The whole GC team met up at Canary Wharf in January for our very first meet up with the rest of the executive committee and directors. (I was really nervous, btw)

Missing our 'Boss' and also the team which co-ordinated the photoshoot of the day!

From left to right 

Kai Hong, Sui Yang, Harrizal, Sofea (me) and Ben!

We had late lunch at one of the restaurant nearby and had a splendid time. But I had to leave as soon as possible since I had to rush home to Cardiff for a friend's birthday surprise (which was held successfully!) 

GC has been active with our Speaker Series every Wednesday where influential people would come down to London and give a talk to students.

However, our main and biggest event of the year would be our one and only


which was held on the 28th of March 2015 (which was one day before my Malaysian Society's Cardiff European Games, talk about exhaustion.)

It was great setting up the Corporate Luncheon with the team though, with the booklet designs and presenting our very team to the students and also enabling everyone to network with one another. At the same time, I finally created a linkedin account, LOL.

Met my ex high school mate there aka James Chong whose currently in UCL :)


Needless to say I am proud to be part of this amazing team. 

Apart from the Malaysian Society back in Cardiff, being part of GenCorporate was a wonderful experience. Enabling myself to connect and meet new people from various universities and parts of the UK. Making new friends and getting to know them better.

I'd like to thank the Directors for their hard work, dedication and passion for GenCorporate and the other teams who worked just as hard.

Shout out to my wonderful Branding Teammates and Boss who worked really hard day and night and for being my bros throughout the experience. Further expanding my knowledge in certain areas regarding branding and being able to see other people's style of designs definitely did teach me a thing or two. And for attending my FOD performance heehee.

If you're interested in joining the GC Family or have more questions for us regarding our events, do not hesitate to contact us via social media!

GenCorporate Website 
GenCorporate Facebook 
GenCorporate Twitter 
GenCorporate Instagram 

You could even drop me an e-mail at sofeanass@gencorporate.com (ONLY for GC purposes, other questions or inquiries should be directed to my other email which is available on the contact page)

So, here it is! My update on GenCorporate!

Signing off, X.

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