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Paris, France 2017 Part 1

I should really make it a habit to stop posting last year's trips during a new year. January, February & March's gone while April is in, well how time flies, doesn't it.

I went to Paris in May last year (2017) when everyone was busy sitting for their exams :P

Day 1:

My friends and I decided to take the train to Paris, because why not! It would be a different experience and it's less taxing as compared to flying. 

We took the train from London's King Cross station and obviously got our passport checked before we boarded the train. The train ride was smooth and super comfortable as well. As you can see in the picture, there are two cups of chatime drinks on the table. Me being me, I figured that we had atleast 4 hours before having to board the train so I made my friends go to Chinatown with me to get a cup of chatime for brunch!! HAHAHA. 

Anyone who knows me well enough would probably be shaking their heads, expressing how disappointed they are in me because I can't let my cravings for my beloved roasted milk tea from Chatime go. 

We got to Paris and I could immediately feel the polluted air. LMAO. No offense Paris but the one thing I hated the most about my trip there was the air. I was shocked that it was dirtier than London. Oh, and when we arrived, it started to pour. Thankfully our airbnb was close by to cafes and restaurants so we managed to get ourselves a few bites for dinner! 

Day 2: 

We got to an early start and boarded Paris's Metro Train (MRT) to head towards the Louvre Museum!! 

Typical breakfast, I loved their croissant!! I usually don't like pastries but it was really good! 

The Louvre was in itself astonishing and different from most of the museums I've been to. I made a mistake by purchasing tickets, so uh everyone please note that if you are students studying in an EU country or UK. You don't need to purchase tickets!!! *Noob AF

Yes, I saw the Mona Lisa painting which was shield with a bullet proof glass. Rumour has it that it isn't the real Mona Lisa painting. I tried to squeeze myself through this huge crowd to get a good picture of it but I opted not to post it here just so you could see it for yourself when you guys visit Paris one day!

After the Louvre, we headed to our next destination aka The Eiffel Tower of Paris!

We didn't go up to the top but we hung out at the park opposite the tower and were constantly bugged by gypsies. I don't want your keychains, leave me alone!!

To be real honest, Paris is an easily accessible city. Very much like London, but... in France instead. LOL. Ok not very funny. The Eiffel Tower is nearby everywhere, so we could just easily walk to places (if you are rajin enough haha). But we definitely took the MRT from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame.

Before heading to the Church of Notre Dame, we stopped by the Shakespeare & Co. Cafe + Bookstore!! I was looking forward to this ever since someone told me about its' existence and it's only 3 minutes away from our destination!! The cafe was vegan *brownie points!!* If you knew me, you would know I love vegan food. Hehe.

Notre Dame! If you don't already know, the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame was based on this Church and the drawing of this particular Church in the movie itself was accurate, precise and beautiful. Disney's done the Church justice imo. There was also a pastry fair nearby lolol.

After hanging around Notre Dame, we walked towards the Berthillon cafe (told you everything was nearby!!) because my French friend told me the ice cream was good and ofcourse we had to try!


8.5/10 (I still very much prefer mcD's ice cream, sorrreehh) 

Walked around and enjoyed this scenic view. 

It rained for awhile after that and we had to seek shelter at a nearby mosque which was nearby the place we wanted to eat!! Hehe. It wasn't all that expensive and we got to split the bill :p 

 Had dinner and headed back home straight after to get ready for the most important day of the trip!


A little sneak peak for part 2 :) hehe. 

Signing off!  

The Growing Phase

Remember when we were younger like probably when we were in pre-teens, or even when we were teenagers emerging towards young adulthood?

I remember mine. 

From my point of view, ofcourse. There were so many cringe-worthy moments back then and I don't even know why I did those things back then. I actually probably do know why, but I'd rather not go into it. Who knows, 15 years from now I would wonder why did I even create a blog in the first place? Haha. Being at the age of 23 going on to be 24, I actually never imagined myself coming this far to be completely honest.

Yesterday night I was having dinner with an old friend of mine and the main topic that we talked about during dinner was about work, future prospects of our careers and I froze for a solid second.

'Omg, can you imagine? We're talking about our careers whereas a year ago we would be talking about our university adventures.' 

It hasn't been that long since I've graduated but it has definitely been a solid one year and a half and I have completed my masters. Now? I've opened up a door that leads me to endless possibilities, flying right here and there right before my eyes as I walk on.

Some people are excited to be able to step out into this world and they are eager to start new. Some others have opened up their windows and grabbed the opportunity which came flying into their rooms. Me? I'm standing at the door, with my hand on the door knob, contemplating if I should close it or walk on. Obviously you'd tell me to choose the latter, I mean I know that I should. However, there's this part of me where I'm scared of what's to come and I'd rather stay in my comfort zone.

Now, I have got out of my comfort zones plenty of times that the new adventures which I ventured out a few months or a year ago has now become a part of me. It shouldn't be that bad for me to restart once more? I keep forgetting about how I should be able to step out and experience something new.

There's still so much that I've yet to try and experience, in terms of what I want to do, atleast. I still want to travel whilst I'm young and I want to get rid of that fear of solo travelling!! But I'll have to put that on hold and venture out onto another phase of life. The funny thing is, I realized that I managed to complete somewhat most of my bucket list before I came back to the UK and I thank God for that. So so much.

To all those who feel lost, who are lost and who's just wandering around. You're not alone. But let's not stay in that pit for too long? We need to get up and push ourselves to see what's out there for us.

& I'd like to sum up that,

Life is a mixture of sadness and happiness, what helps us grow as humans is how we view things. To pick up the pieces as a reminder to ourselves that we've been part of that journey and we'll go on to be a better individual, to treasure our experiences and to learn that the knowledge is never limited.

I may not be the best but I'm going to keep trying and learning in order to be the best.

The Moos Coffee & Juice Ltd 2017

Hello, 2017 has ended, I would like to point out that I have delayed in blogging The Moos Birthday Bash for quite some time. The event happened during the summer and I must admit that I procrastinated in posting it because I had other posts and work to deal with.

and shamefully admitting that this would be my first official post for 2018! (except for the new year post, that's more of an intro haha)

FYI; The Moos is a vegan/vegetarian cafe where you will have a wide variation selections of food and drinks. All of them are freshly and home made right in that very kitchen. I would say The Moos is most popular for its' cookie dough balls, sandwiches, hot soup, smoothies, cakes, salads and ofcourse non-dairy coffee (there are dairy options as well). It even has a Yoga studio upstairs, with its' very own name - AIM Studio. So if you're a yogie, don't be afraid to sign up!

Details of its' whereabouts and contacts will be listed below.

I have worked here for a year and left since I headed back to Malaysia haha. It's a great environment to work in and also to study in!! It's my go to study place whenever I'm not working because I love their coffee and food. I'm not a vegan myself but their food is so great to the point where I've taken the initiative to learn more about vegan food.

Non-Alcoholic drink ofcourse. 

The founders of The Moos: Amy & Rhys (aka Bossses)

Amy makes the best vegan food on earth, I'm not even kidding. Her chocolate cake is to die for!! 

The event went well [A youtube video will be uploaded here soon, featuring my friends who came and their reviews regarding the free cakes that was given out on that day haha] I stayed on til the very end and helped clean up the entire cafe and made myself my favourite Oat Milk Hazelnut Latte!!

On the contrary, I have completely stopped drinking cows milk unless it's with matcha latte because non-dairy milks don't go well with the essence of matcha and I usually opt for oat milk which is usually 10p extra in most cafes, unless stated otherwise. I have visited and ventured out to other several cafes around the entire UK and found that most cafes do serve oat milk (my favourite would definitely be Portsmouth cafes other than The Moos).

Anyway, here are a few bonus pictures of my working time at The Moos.

When Lucy (who left as well) was incharge of painting the AIM Studio's logo. Idk how she did it la okay, damn tough but kudos to her! 

Hand drawn and painted by Lucy! 

Rhys and the three Oatly Barista Edition milk which I bought (and never got to finish so I had to give the rest to my friend) :'( Sad times. 

Put my disposable camera to good use during my last few days at The Moos which was around Christmas time.

Since Oatly's not available in Malaysia YET, so I have resorted to Rude Health which isn't too bad? But not as great as Oatly.

Details of The Moos are as below, feel free to click the links and it will direct you to the respective pages immediately!

112 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, CF14 3LY, Wales, United Kingdom. 

They're available on Deliveroo, if you're lazy to go out on a rainy day, don't fret! You can always go on deliveroo to place your order.

See you soon Moos. Will defo be back for my Oat Milk Hazelnut Latte. 
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