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Hello, I would like to assure all of you that I am still very well alive. It's just that I haven't got any proper internet in the last couple of weeks.

Not only that, but I've been busy settling in and preparing for year two - so yeah I have been somewhat real busy with life and myself. HAHA, jokes. But I've been really busy k.

Anyway, before I left Malaysia - I visited Empire Damansara and a few other places before flying off but obviously I won't be able to blog about all of them at one go since it's time consuming.

Here I am, on the way to Empire Damansara with the trusted bestie, Krystal.

Poor little fella, atleast it's different from the others. If you get what I'm talking about. 

Went over to Seven Cups cafe to chill and chat, also because my friend posted about it on instagram. Seriously, everything's on instagram (okay well not everything.)

two hot chocolates at RM10. (If I'm not mistaken)

Me trying out their hot chocolate! 

To be honest, I ALWAYS order hot chocolates whenever I go to cafes and this was just okay compared to Rekindle Cafe in SS2 or Pickle & Fig in TTDI. 

Anyhoo, you guys could try Seven Cups's other stuffs since I didn't get their cakes or pastries and if you do, don't hesitate to drop a comment here about what you think of their other drinks/pastries. :)

I'm going to put this picture on because Krystal loves this photo. (Also because she took most of my photos hehe, thank you.)


I actually caught my hat when I threw it in the air. 

Well, Empire Damansara's a pretty relaxing and chilled place if you guys are finding for a place to just talk or hang out. But most of the cafes close real early like around 8pm so I suggest that you go in the afternoon? 

Oh! There's also the real famous Boat Noodles shop over there. I haven't try it though but my friends have and I heard that they ate around 20 bowls of it (also because the portion's real small HAHA)

To sum this post up, I'd like to thank Krystal for following me around to random cafes and trying out new things with me and I'll be back very soon, okay?

I'll be blogging about other adventures real soon this week! :)

p/s: Leandra aka my housemate/friend is bugging me to put her name here, there you go.

Signing off.
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