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FODXII - Ratu Kelantan | MSSCF 2015

Okay so honestly, I have been having the worst case scenarios of jet lag but it's getting better now though. 

I have promised to blog about Crown Night but I'm still waiting for a few pictures from Isma -.- Lol. Anyhoo, I will be blogging about the Festival of Diversity 2015. 

It took several months of practices and the sweat, blood and tears were - I must say, worth it. Being part of the sub committee and the cast was overwhelming with the amount of work given but we managed to pull through! 

So so thankful for my friends who travelled from other parts of the UK to support me and my Malaysian night, also thankful to the ones who weren't able to come but supported me throughout as well. Thankful to the ones back home who kept disturbing me for the full video (only to ask me for the timing for my parts only -.- hahah) 

Flowers that I received from my fellow friends, heh.

Anyway, moving on - 
Cardiff's Malaysian Night or well known as the Festival of Diversity XII 2015 was held on the February 15th at 2.00pm. 

I play the cunning Witch Doctor/Narrator :)

The play surrounds the Queen of Kelantan and the life before and after she has been crowned Queen. 

The two directors - Nicola and Jan 

Hours before the big show!

 The Princess and the Queen 

Me trying to 'haunt' the Queen. 

And the overwhelming crowd looking at the booklet I designed with the help of Ariff! :D 

Who could forget the one and only Dikir Barat Team? Which I'm proud to be part off!

The Dikir Barat peeps. 

 Boom goes the Dynamite with the MSSCF family who participated in this big production. :) 

 Haven't got much to say since I don't want to spoil the story but please do check out the video below! :) It's the full recording of our show!

Signing off!
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