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Iceland Day 3 & Day 4 2015

Day 3 - 

Day 3 was more of a relaxing day for the five of us because it's... 


The most of us have been looking towards this one since Blue Lagoon is really really famous in Iceland and elsewhere. 

The reason why it's so popular is because it's a Geothermal spa and the service there is excellent! I really recommend it to everyone who's planning to go to Iceland because I definitely felt so relaxed there and I got to wash away all of my worries. What's even better is that the water and the heat there improved my skin conditions! 

They have several packages but my friends and I signed up for the Premium package [which was previously 65 Euros but I've recently checked the website and they have increased the price by another 5 Euros!!]

Due to the fact that the water was so warm, it made me really thirsty and hungry so by the time I got out I headed towards the food bar and bought a pack of sushi (which is absolutely delicious!!) oh and a banana smoothie!

We decided to have our dinner early and since we've booked a table so it was really easy for us to just go in and have a seat to rest and enjoy. 

Blue Lagoon definitely did live up to its standards in terms of service and the food as well. Because I loved their three course meal!

Langoustine with white chocolate soup 

Cod fish (What Celeste and I ordered)

Lamb shank

Caramel Mousse with Gingerbread and ice cream

We also had a free flow of wine, but because I don't drink any form of alcohol, the waitress offered soft drinks to me instead which was really nice!!

 I swear we were all freezing because we left our coats in the car

Overall, Blue Lagoon is fantastic and please do head there if you ever visit Iceland!!

Later at night we went for northern lights hunting but due to the weather conditions we didn't get to see any :( just our luck i guess.

Day 4 - 

As per usual today's road trip day again! We decided to head over to Pengvillir and also the Geyser!

We wanted to go even further but the weather prohibited us to, since there was a snow storm.

We managed to build a snowman in the cold (my toes were freezing and I couldn't feel them at the time) But it was all worth it!! We even named the snowman LOL 

I didn't get to take much shots of the Geyser because it was freezing cold but it was a good experience and a funny one at that (That will come later in Day 5 and Day 6's post) 

Anyway! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below! :D 

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Signing off!
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