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I am back!

After months of being MIA from my blog, I am finally back.

I'm not going to lie and make up some lame excuse about being busy and neglecting my blog but I was just too lazy to switch on my laptop and arrange all of my photos. x)

In the span of 5 months, a couple of events has happened and I'd like to lay down a few here;

- FOD XII (Festival of Diversity 12)
- Chinese New Year Dinner
- Bath Trip w/ the peeps (Won't be blogging about this since I've blogged about Bath before)
- GenCorporate Events
- Visiting Derek and Juliana in Leeds
- Crown Night 2015
- Exams! (library adventures)

My exams ended yesterday and I'd like to point out that sitting for exams in the UK for the very first time just built up my nerves and I spent 24/7 in the library with a couple of my friends, camping our nights away over there.

I could honestly say that the library is now my second home.

I will be blogging about my GenCorporate Events and Crown Night 2015 in the upcoming posts after I'm done with my editings.

Be back soon (promise)! X
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