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London 101, Spetember 2015 - Day 3

I'm such a horrible blogger, I haven't been spending time updating this blog regularly. It's not that I've lost interest, I still read blogs and get inspired sometimes but I'm not inspired by myself so I couldn't find myself to blog about anything even when I've planned it in my head.

On a side note, this would be my final post about my London trip in September.

Our final day in London before going back to Cardiff for classes the next day (except for me, since all law students only start on the 28th of September which is long over now and we're about to enter 2016 LOL)

We all decided to wake up late on the last day since it was going to be a relaxing day for us. Obviously we headed out for brunch and made our way to Shoryu which is one of the famous Ramen places to go to in London (other than Kanada-Ya)

Later on, we were at Leceister Square walking around in M&M World, but then we decided to ditch the place and headed for Tombo in South Kensington which is another Japanese dessert place. (How Asian are we? LOL) 

We ended our day by relaxing and walking around South Kensington Gardens before heading back to Cardiff. 

Btw, there was the "Pan" movie premiere at Leceister Square, I wanted to stay back so badly just to wait for Hugh Jackman and Cara Delevigne! But it was unfortunate that I couldn't stay back since our train leaves at 7pm sharp. :( 

However, it was a fantastic trip! Just what we needed before the semester started back in September. 

Information about the places we went on the third day; 

Tombo - Japanese Cafe and Matcha Bar 
They sell their own brand of matcha powder as well! 

Shoryu Ramen
They have a few restaurants around London, so it's really easy to find them. 

p/s; I made a youtube video on this :) Feel free to watch it! 

If you guys are going to be visiting London anytime soon, do feel free to leave a comment down below or email me if you guys have any questions! 

Signing Off! 

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