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London 101, September 2015 - Day 2

Yeap, here it is. We woke up at 9am in the morning to catch the early bus to get to our destination.

Cel and I have not been to Harry Potter Studios before whereas the guys have. So we decided to visit it and the guys tagged along as well! (Thanks guys!) I was extremely excited when I arrived here! It was amazing and I loved the surroundings.

Here are our tickets!! 

Tried out the famous butterbeer and boy oh boy, it did not disappoint me one bit! 

I tried their butterbeer ice cream as well but it could get a little sickening after a few bites so i had to share it with a friend of mine.

Woop! The entire Hogwarts before your eyes :p 

Went over to Chinatown to have dinner and to grab my one and only beloved Chatime (Because you can only get it from London, Manchester and Nottingham and London's the closest to Cardiff). I really love the fact that the musical was just right opposite Chinatown which made things really easy and we didn't have to rush much. 

Unfortunately my favourite Malaysian restaurant (Rasa Sayang) was closed for some party and we had to go to some other restaurant. 

The musical was amazing, no doubt. I loved the cast, although in the musical itself - there were more songs compared to the movie. 

It was a great second day, and I wouldn't mind visiting Harry Potter studios again! I even got myself some souveneirs for myself from there (It's a must!) 

You could get their tickets from the link given above and also the theme is different every season. I went during Autumn so Winter may be slightly different ;). If you're a Potterhead, make sure you visit this place and if you're not a Potterhead and you do visit this place, I hope you fall in love with the Magical World of Harry Potter and JK Rowling. 

Signing Off! 

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  1. Oh, lucky you! I'm a Potterhead, but I didn't have a chance to visit the Warner Bros studio when I was in London this June. You looked like you had a fabulous time! :)

    1. Did you atleast go to King Cross Station? :O They have the trolley set there and you could choose the colours of the scarves to take a picture with! But yeah, we had a fabulous time, thank you! :) x


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