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Wrexham - Manchester - Chester 2016 Part 2

Woke up early in the morning to get to Manchester for a day trip, TG was already waiting for us in the car LOL. We parked infrotn of Chinatown and decided to walk around Manchester.

I fell in love with Manchester straight away, it was like a mini London with beautiful and high rise buildings and they even have the same street names. Where is the creativity people?

Went over to Fig and Sparrow to have breakfast, had their peanut butter brownies and had their hot chocolate. I totally recommend this cool place, not only do they serve food but  they have their own products which they sell too. 

On the same street as Fig and Sparrow, there's another cafe called the Blue Daisy cafe and next to it there's a second hand vintage shop. Amazing shop, really. I wished I got something from there but I didn't :/. The next time I go to Manchester I'll defo get something from that vintage shop!

I love the transportation in Manchester, they have trams (similar to what Athens has for their transport) and they bring you everywhere! It's similar to the tube in London but thank god this isn't underground because I hate the underground air. 

Had lunch at Gorilla's beforehand and their food was alright for me, typical English food. 

We decided to take the bus to Old Trafford after walking around and simultaneously head on to Trafford Centre after that because it was super close to Old Trafford anyway. 

Am not a fan of ManU (More of a Chelsea F.C. fan) hahaha but they did win alot of awards and Fergie's done a great job. 

Anyone who's planning to go to Manchester, please head over to Trafford Centre!! It's like the biggest shopping mall I've ever been to and I was famished from walking all over!! I didn't even have time to enter the food court. 

We were supposed to have Malaysian food for dinner but the place was full and I was already grumpy and tired as hell from walking everywhere so we ended up at this Chinese retaurant and the food wasn't bad. I only ate the vegetables and prawn LOL. 

But anyway, got my chatime after that (which undoubtedly sucked, ok guys don't get the chatime at Manchester's chinatown, it sucks baddd and it's coming from me!!! Chatime's number one fan!!) And it was back to Wrexham!! 

Next up would be our half day trip at Chester!! :)

Signing Off!
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