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Let's go to Bath! (What?)

Okay, my grammar isn't shit for those of you who are wondering (The post title). D:

Bath is actually a city in Somerset, South West England. It's really near Bristol, and nearly an hour to Stonehenge. Also, it's not too far away from Cardiff, Wales!

My mum, Daniel's mum (Aunty Anne), friends and I got there by train and if I'm not mistaken it was an hour and ten minutes ride.
We reached there at approximately 11+am or so.

Bath is different than Cardiff in many different ways, I must say that the surroundings there are pretty much chilled compared to Cardiff. You'll get what I mean when you get there. 

Went to ShakeAday and they had a variety of milkshake choices. (Fat die me, pls)

I ordered some Oreo special thingy, okay I forgot already. HAHA.
But seriously, if you ever get to Bath, please do visit ShakeAday!

There were street performers everywhere! And this guy is pretty good. 

Went to see the Roman Baths for awhile. The other side was under construction :p

We wasted no time and went to visit Bath Abbey! And also because we didn't have enough time HAHA.

Did a few jumpshots infront of the Cathedral because we were bored.

Oh and then we entered, but the admissions could be as much as we want since it's for charity! Walked around the church for a visit.

^ pretty creepy. Huehue. 

We stayed around the area for two hours or so, just looking and chilling around. 

I wanted to try Sally Lunn's buns so badly but the queue was really long and we were all really hungry. 

So we went to The Courtyard instead!

I had the eggs and mayo sandwich and green tea. 

Apples with chocolate, didn't get any though.

 Met up with one of my good friends from High school who's currently studying at Bath University aka Grace Ling :p 

Thank you for offering to show around even if it was just for awhile :')

Went over to Pulteney Bridge where Les Miserables was filmed (Just Javier's suicide scene in which I found it so frustrating because he wouldn't stop singing -.-)

Managed to catch up a little with Grace while walking around Pulteney Bridge and then she had to leave :'( 

We headed for the Circus next and mind you, it's not an actual circus HAHA. It's actually a place surrounded by townhouses which is designed in such a way it is circular. 

Didn't hang around much there because there wasn't anything much to do. 

But we went to the Royal Crescent and hung out at the park for an hour or so.

Michi & I. 

Speaking of which, she takes beautiful pictures and I fell completely in love with one of the photos she took. I don't want to post it up because it's her photography and she didn't tag it with her name, so yeah. Please do ask me if you want to take a look though! Believe me, it's beautiful. 

Beanie - Forever 21
Cardigan - H&M
Harry Potter T-Shirt - Primark 
Shoes - BATA (HAHAHA) 

Okay the reason why I wore sports shoes was because I thought I was going to walk for awhile so might as well! 

By the way, before we got back - the girls decided to stop by to get Hot Dogs 

Heard that it was delicious. 

I didn't get it though. *Awkward grin*

This sums up my post about Bath! 

See you guys soon!
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