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Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Spring 2016 Day 1

At the end of March 2016, my friends and I decided to go somewhere near and quiet instead of going overseas. Hence, popping by Tenby, Pembrokeshire for 3 days 2 nights! 

This Bed and Breakfast Hotel was amazing, the host was so accommodating and the rooms were comfortable and cozy as well. 

My happy face when I got my fish and chips! 

Had soft serve ice cream after! 

The Tenby beach is really popular with the locals and tourists, they have three beaches which are interconnected (Northern, Southern and Castle Beach). It's relatively the same but Castle beach is more popular in the sense that it's closer to "Town".

Tenby is a really small town, so it's walkable everywhere and we stumbled upon the only chinese restaurant and I really wanted to try it for dinner (HAHAH I'm so Asian). It was good btw! Or maybe I was just really hungry but the fried rice was great.

I really wouldn't mind going to Tenby again for a relaxing holiday, since it's so quiet and such an easy town to walk around. It's easy to get around as well!

Stay tune for Day 2 aka Rainy day in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire! :)

Signing off!
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  1. I love Tenby! It's one of my favourite places : ) You must have gone on a quiet day cos it's usually really busy in the summer time! Looking forward to reading about your time in Pembroke. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. I would definitely go back there! It's so lovely and I actually went during the first week of Easter Holidays, since Cardiff's holidays was a little early this year. I've already updated about Pembroke, thank you for reading! :) x


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