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Cardiff Bay Vintage Fair

Months ago when I arrived in the UK, being a vintage lover, I attended a Vintage Fair at Cardiff Bay with a few friends. The weather was lovely as well and it was a great day to hang out at the Bay.

I love it when these kind of fairs come to Cardiff, there has been a few through out the first few months and there will be more coming up soon. You will have to watch out for their events on facebook because there are various types of vintage fair events that will just randomly pop up! Even I have difficulties catching up!

Top; New Look
Leather Jacket; Uniqlo
Jeans; Topshop
Boots; Dorothy Perkins
Bag; Primark 
Sunglasses; The Vintage Fair
Necklace; The Vintage Fair 

Managed to score myself a necklace and sunglasses for only £5 and £8! Not everything there is cheap since well it's vintage and you can't find it anywhere so easily. However, it is relatively cheaper than what you'd get at Urban Outfitters.
This would be my second last post about a 2015 event because I'm currently working on my Iceland post which is going to take awhile due to the editing and stuff. 

But I really do hope you guys enjoy this post and if you ever have any questions regarding the vintage fair events in Cardiff or better yet if you know any vintage fair that's coming up, please feel free to drop a comment about it! 

Signing Off! 

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  1. This looks like a fun event, I wouldn't mind finding a vintage fair in my area! xx adaatude.com

    1. It was! It's actually really small though, but nevertheless the vintage fair was great! x

    2. It was! It's actually really small though, but nevertheless the vintage fair was great! x

  2. This looks like a really lovely fair. I think we have a couple of fairs in my area but I can't say I really keep an eye on when they are, but I definitely should!


    1. It was, definitely! If you do, visit it and let me know how it went! :) x

  3. how do i become a vogue model like you?


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