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31st December 2016

As I am typing this away, my housemate is in the showers as I wait for my turn to use the bathroom since my face wash is in there LOL. At the same time, I am preparing my assignments as well which are due on the 11th of January 2017.

For those who do not know, I am now pursuing my Masters course in Crime, Safety and Justice (Criminology for short) at Cardiff University. It's been exactly six months since I've graduated with a law degree from Cardiff as well. Although new, but I find myself enjoying the new course since it's completely fresh and different as to what I've been studying for the past three years. If you were to ask me if I regret ditching the BPTC for Masters, I'd tell you a solid no.


Being a lawyer has always been my dream back when I was in high school and I was adamant in pursuing law before entering college but once I entered college - my attitude and perceptions towards law started to change with history and criminology entering my mind and options to study but things took a weird turn and I ended up pursuing law anyway.

But anyway, I'm doing something that I've always wanted to do so... all's fair in love and war I guess?

Like every other human being on earth, we often face hardships and 2016 was no different for any of us. Different experiences but nevertheless, we all had to face obstacles that life throws at us.

2016 has been a bittersweet year for me. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of it, I'd like to point out the positive bits of it.

  • Turning 22!
  • Being able to graduate with a 2:1 with my mother present at the graduation was a total given. 
  • Going back to Malaysia during the summer and meeting up with my old friends, bickering as we all usually do. 
  • Being with my family 
  • Performing for FOD again but this time with my fantastic Dikir Barat team 
  • Getting accepted for my Masters course  
  • Meeting up with my friends back home in London 
and so much more. 

No doubt that there were times where I've cried my eyes out because of the hardships I had to endure. But thankfully, Allah has always been by my side, watching my every move and taking care of me throughout every step. My family who has my back no matter what and friends who were there for me and who did their best to understand me despite my shenanigans and nonsensical tantrums. 

He knows what's best for me as a human being, and I thank him for what has been taken away and given to me. 

So, before I end this post. 2016 was a year which I would like to call a beautiful disaster and I can not appreciate it anymore than I could. 

To further improvements, to discover myself and to the year of 2017. 

Signing Off. 
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  1. LONDON????????? No wonder you have a Cockney accent!


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