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Brecon Beacons, Pen Y Fan 2017

Back in January, my housemates and I decided to hike the Brecon Beacons national park which includes South Wales' highest mountain - Pen Y Fan. (Yes, we're crazy for hiking during the winter but it wasn't all that bad to be honest). I am not much of a hiker, the last time I 'hiked' was at TTDI's Kiara Park which isn't even a mountain LOLOLOL.

We woke up around 6am (I only had four hours of sleep because I drank coffee the night before and idek why the hell I did that) and we departed at 7 in the morning. We headed for the bus stop situated at Corbett Road and mind you, it was absolutely freezing at that sort of hour. The ride was approximately 45 minutes and I used up the time on the bus to catch up with my sleep.

It was incredibly foggy when we arrived at the place. So, we didn't get to see much of the scenery but regardless it was absolutely beautiful and it gave the mysterious zombie apocalypse vibe a little. I brought extra socks, water. My housemates and I (including Danial aka 8th housemate of 14 because he's there so often) made egg sandwiches the night before.

Told you it was foggy. 

The higher you hike (it is extremely hilly because duh it's a mountain) the more stuffy it gets and hence why I took my winter jacket off. It was obviously cold but the adrenaline kept me warm.

The approximate time of hiking up and down would take 4 hours and you will have to check the bus timings. We made a mistake of spending too much time hiking down and playing with the snow that we missed the bus and had to wait for a whole two hours in the bloody cold with soaking wet feet for the next bus to arrive. HAHAH but it was all good because we kept each other company and laughing non stop, which I appreciate alot because if I was alone I would probably had cried non stop. HAHAHAH.

Trying to get the movie poster going on... We failed, obviously. 

The funny thing was that we thought we've reached the peak but we didn't. 

and... we're finally at the peak! 

Because we house 14 people are really extra.

I think this picture really describes our friendship. 

My favourite picture. 

Really proud of myself for being able to get up at 6am after a two hour sleep because of the stupid caffeine which decided to kick in at the last minute, wtf. Hiked up and down with my fellow friends and nearly froze to death whilst waiting for the damn bus to arrive. Went straight to wokker-shaker in our drenched outfits when we reached Cardiff and had Nasi Goreng.

So yeah, Pen Y Fan at Brecon Beacons? Checked!!

Tinkerbell, signing off.
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