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Iceland Day 1 & Day 2 2015

Iceland is an amazing country with a spectacular view! I felt really really lucky to be able to travel there during last winter break.

We took the 5am bus (which honestly made me carsick throughout the entire journey from Cardiff to London) and four hours later, walah! We've arrived in Iceland!

It took a while to get to our airbnb since we were all sorting out the car rental issues (details about this company will be given at the end of the post) and also trying to get from the airport to our accommodation.

It was worth it because the airbnb we were staying in had all the things that we needed.

Below the apartment was a bakery, pharmacy, food chain (which ranks quite highly on tripadvisor and it's cheap too!!), laundry (i mean..  we didn't use it but it's convenient). Opposite the apartment was a grocery store and a petrol station (just what we needed!!)

Got settled in and packed dinner from 'XO' the food chain below (picture as above) and the food lived up to my expectations, it was delicious and not too filling.

We got lots of rest that night to prepare ourselves for day 2's adventure!

Day 2 - 

It was a rather long day for us during the second day, mainly because we were on a road trip!

Our first stop was the Gerduberg Cliffs. Unfortunatey it was covered by snow and it was super windy so we didn't get to go near it and my scarf was flying everywhere.

 The next stop was the Anarstapi Fishing Village (but it was just our luck that it was a weekend and most public toilets weren't open idk why?!?!) So the most of us had to hold in our pee for almost two hours.

My favourite picture of all times. 

TG was a kind soul for standing on the opposite side while he waited for us slow climbers (mind you, it was steep and slipper due to the ice and snow) but the view was worth it and I absolutely loved this place. 

Found ourselves in a warm guest house after hours of being on the road (THANK GOD IT WAS OPENNNN!)  Oh and also we got snowed in. 

If there's one thing about Iceland that I could tell you is that there isn't much sun during the winter, so hence the blue tint in every picture that we capture, I've always thought it was some kind of filter that my friends use in their pictures but guess I was wrong. 

We had our lunch in the car aka packed sandwiches (which TG helped us make early in the morning from the groceries we bought the night before) and also our own snacks that we bought aka fruits and chips etc. 

Mashed Fish

Horse Meat .___. 

Borganes was pretty dead when we got there but it was a pretty small town so it wasn't difficult to look for a place to eat. We ended up in a restaurant called Restaurant (??) and apparently it ranked quite highly on trip advisor as well.

The food was great as per usual and my friends ordered the horse meat while I had the pesto pasta (the first food picture).

The dinner was satisfactory but I was already tired by the end of the day and it was barely even 8pm!! I recalled it being around 6-7pm! That was how short daylight was!

But anyway, Day 3 and 4 will be up soon :) Hopefully this Friday and Day 5 and 6 will be on Sunday!

Information on the car rental and XO;

Please do visit these websites and they're really helpful!

Signing off!
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  1. Ahhhh Iceland looks absolutely beautiful! It's been on my list of places I most want to visit for so long and you've made me want to go even more. The food looks lovely and those rock photos! x

    Always, Alice

    1. It is! Visit it during the Summer and it is as equally beautiful but without the thick coats and strong wind, that was a pain to be honest! But thank you so much for reading this! x :)


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