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Spain Winter 2016 (Valencia Day 3 - 5)

Final post for my 2016 trip! Then I'll update on my happenings in 2017 hehe. Finally getting on the right track innit?

Day 3 - 

Arrived in Valencia after a 2 hour train ride from Barcelona. Speaking of which, I loved the train so much?! They gave free earphones to watch a movie they provided on the train and also there was plenty of leg space. **Ding ding, Spain earns 10 brownie points!

Literally just walked around Valencia for abit since we arrived in the evening and settled down in our airbnb (which was absolutely amazing btw) *Please contact me for the airbnb details if you want them! It was relatively cheap and right smack in the middle of city centre where all the shopping was.

Had dinner around the streets and finally tried paella because that's what Valencia was famous for! Although... I'd stay away from it since it's super salty (it's just my preference overall I guess).

Day 4 - 

To be honest, for a season that's supposed to be cold. Valencia was absolutely steaming and hot. Hence not having to wear such thick winter outfits. 

Valencia was more of a chilled holiday rather than a rushy one, there weren't many tourists (which I really loved) or maybe it's cause it's winter so there wasn't anybody on the beach HAHA. 

Because I'm Asian - hence the bubble tea.

You'd probably go like "how is that even winter?" Trust me, it was winter but the temperature begged to differ. So I didn't really know what was going on either. 

We spent majority of our time at the Valencia market and the Beach. Then we headed off to what we girls do best - Shopping. Hehe. 

Day 5 - 

Our final day in Valencia and Spain (before we headed off back to Barcelona airport!) We headed off to Oceanographic and decided to spend 22 Euros on the entrance ticket (LOL, okay we really didn't think that we'd enter days before but we changed our minds and entered anyway. All because there was a Dolphin show.) 

However, no regrets! I thought it was absolutely fantastic and mind blowing with the scenic view. ALTHOUGH IT WAS SCORCHING HOT OK. 

AND! This place finally has what I've always wanted aka Chilli Flakes. Bloody hell, the only thing that I disliked about Spain was the lack of chilli flakes even when I've asked for it in Spanish. (Yea yea, I know this isn't Italy). I asked for like 2 - 3 cups of chilli flakes from the waitress and poured it all over my pasta. What's shown in the picture does not even define what I've poured upon my pasta. If you know me well, I am a super big fan of chilli. 

Before heading home, we were at the train station and there was no toilet?!?! All toilets has to be paid (similar to London) and my friends and I did not want to pay 80p for a damn toilet (ok lolol we're cheapos). But anyway, we entered a cafe which apparently needed a code to enter the toilet, wtf ok? And I didn't really want to buy anything and it was another 2 more hours til our departure. A kind samaritan (who didn't even have to help us in any sort of way) offered us his receipt and N and I managed to enter the toilet T.T. Wherever you are, kind sir - muchas gracias. 

So we ended our 2016 trip with a bang and although we were extremely exhausted by the end of trip cause of the lack of sleep but I am grateful that I was able to visit one of my dream countries with these funny lot. Thank you so much for going on that trip with me and dealing with my shenanigans (vice versa) lolol. 

Here's a vlog video of my trip itself, hopefully it will show you much more of our adventures compared to my blog post. 

Signing Off! 
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