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Spain Winter 2016 (Barcelona Day 0 - 2)

Barcelona, Spain. 

Day 0 - Our flight was delayed for two hours (thanks, easyjet). So we spent our time at the Bristol airport, walking around and reading the books that we've brought.

and we've finally arrived in Spain. 

If you were to go to Spain, please make sure that you take the right bus from the airport to wherever you're going. Transportation in Spain is relatively easy and I suggest that you get the T-10 ticket for the metro underground train (similar to the tube service in London). 

We got to our airbnb approximately at 11pm and once we have settled down, it was time to... CELEBRATE NASHA'S 22ND BIRTHDAY!! 19th December 2016. And yes, I know, I am super lame for blogging about it this late. 

and also, we all got her that pink cap with the aristocat icon that she's wearing in the picture (just because the three of us had pink caps with different icons sewn onto it, mine's a doughnut). 

Not to mention that we all went out to get ourselves McDonalds for supper, because we can. Plus, it was relatively near anyway?! Like 5 mins walk, so.. WHY NOT!

Day 1 -

We went over to Sagrada Familia first thing in the morning since we've gotten tickets for it and there's a certain timing that we'd have to follow if we wanted to get to the top of the building. 

Since Sagrada is still under construction, we only got to see certain parts of it but I really loved the architecture of it.'

We spent an equal amount of Sagrada Familia before heading straight to Park Guell!

It started to rain real heavily whilst we were at Park Guell but all is well, it's still a magnificent place to visit. I'd like to call it the Gingerbread place 

As a warning; I'd really suggest that the lot of you book your tickets online before you head over to these places to avoid long queues and it really saves up alot of time.

Day 2 - 

It was Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas day! They're all within walking distance from the airbnb we were staying at but we did take the metro since it was relatively faster. 

[Please do get the T-10 ticket if you ever want to take the metro, it saves so much in terms of expenses and time] Spain's metro is relatively easy to read and to understand. 

Apologies for the over-exposure. Was rushing to take the pic before the owner came to shoo me away HAHA.

and ofcourse the beloved llao llao which Britney craved so much.


I'm not even kidding please! Unfortunately I've forgotten the place's name but it was so worth it. If I remember, I'd edit this post once more ;P

Oh, and before I update the next post. Here's a video of my travel vlog in Barcelona.

Signing off!
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