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Can never understand some aspects of life.

I will have to just accept it how it is? Without fighting back?

The most difficult thing is having to bite your tongue and hold everything in as much as you want to fight back. But fighting fire with fire is obviously more dangerous. That does not mean we do not protect ourselves from that fire being thrown towards our direction.

The lack of knowledge regarding some certain facts enables outsiders who don't know much to make fun of others. Not something that I can ever understand and the worst part is that when we tell people off about what they've said is offensive, they call us sensitive and to take it in.

I will not tolerate this sort of behaviour, as much as I can take things in but there is a limit for alot of things. However, I am not perfect and I have alot to learn from alot of people/challenges/things or whatever.

Ok rant over, i think.

Signing off!

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