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In order to procrastinate with my assignment, I have decided to blog.

I have recently finished my second semester and all that's left would be my assignments and dissertation. I honestly don't enjoy blogging on my platform in regards to my personal stuff such as studies or friendship. Probably because I feel that these are part of my private life and I would like to keep it that way.

I enjoy reading other people's blogs though, and admire on how they're able to blog honestly about their lives and their daily activities. However, that's just not me, I guess. I used to that back in high school, all the time. When blogging was still a popular thing back in 2007 - 2010. It's slowly coming back but amongst high school teenagers (goodness, I am old), it was a huge thing - just like how snapchat, instagram, instastory is the major thing now.

Being away from home and staying abroad, is never an easy task or challenge to deal with. People would obviously say that we are living the life because of what we post on social media and what not. But what people need to instill in their mind is that, not everything that we post defines or determines how our lives are abroad, or just in general for that matter.

I have read articles on people condoning students studying abroad wasting the government's money or even spending luxuriously on things. But how would you know that they are actually using the government's money and not their own? And if so, how is it any of your business to say that to their faces?

I read an article by a fellow Malaysian who mentioned that studying locally is just the same as studying overseas. I disagree.

While studying locally is good and the competition is definitely there. But what people need to know is that, when you're overseas, you compete not only with your fellow Malaysians who are studying with you, but you're competing with students from all around the world who could always easily be ten times better than you are. The best part is that, with all those competition surrounding you, you tend to compete with yourself as well, striving for the very best.

Plus, as a criminology student - I don't see social sciences progressing that much in Malaysia and I would love to change that (in the near future, hopefully). There's still so much to cover and I know and have heard from friends who are currently in Malaysia telling me that they have begun research on several topics relating to crime and world issues that needs to be solved. Thus, the progress is definitely there but we can always do better.

So, stop condemning others for wherever they are studying, everyone's doing their best to do what they can achieve. This post is not to bash the fellow Malaysian who has written that particular article, because by all means - that is his point of view and I could care less about what he is doing at the moment. At the same time, I'm only giving my two cents of what my friends and I think of that article.

Signing off.
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