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Mean Sandwich 2016

Hi guys, apologies for the late update. I have been preoccupied with my summer holidays which consists of eating, meeting up with friends, catching up with old tv series (aka Charmed) and also my Masters application.  I need to make time to update my blog and stop making excuses.

Before I came back to the UK, my friends brought me to a small cafe at Seksyen 17 (Opposite Jaya One) and the cafe's called;

They sell affordable sandwiches (as opposed to those really expensive ones in other cafes) and the best part is that it's made fresh and homemade as well! The owners/chefs are really friendly.

**Update; They now have more food on the menu and I cannot wait to go home to try 'em all!!

The owners are really friendly and the environment was pretty chill too. It's a small and quaint place, I found it just right since it wouldn't be super crowded. 

and that was one of our hang out sessions before I left to go back to the UK. LOLOL guys it's already 2017 and I need to update about my;

Spain Trip + London Trip [short one]

and the things that I've been doing for the past few months as a Master's student. It's totally different from undergraduate and I actually like it, despite the contrary of me being super busy with other commitments. I haven't even made the time to edit my videos!! Haha and I'm usually distracted by visiting shopping websites and window shopping ergo wasting my time.

Okkk, I should stop procrastinating and get to work!

Signing off!
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