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Wrexham - Manchester - Chester 2016 Part 1

Hi everyone, apologies for the super duper late update regarding my trip to Wrexham (North Wales), Manchester and Chester. Hehe, as you all know I am a slow updater anyway.

It all started off with two of my closest friends from Cardiff being placed in Wrexham, North Wales (Approximately 4 hours away from Cardiff aka South Wales) for their medical placements. I've promised them that I'd visit them and so I did! Their description of Wrexham was that the town's so small that there's nothing much to do there.

True to description, the town itself is small and walkable everywhere as comparable to Cardiff but being a visitor there for the first time - I actually enjoyed Wrexham and it's environment. Although they only have one McDonalds which is ALWAYS crowded -_-.

Anyway on to details, I left for Wrexham on a Thursday afternoon and took the train there. There were a few stops and I had to make a 5 minutes pit stop at Shrewsbury in which I panicked because I had to run across to another platform to catch my train. It's alright since I got on the train anyway!!

Arrived at Wrexham and was greeted by C and TG who both came to pick me up from the train station. ^^

AAAAAND, can they be more amazing friends and hosts? They made pan mee for dinner!! Hehe. (Please do ignore my CMI face though, I was extremely exhausted).

Moving on to the next morning where both C and TG had to go off to the hospital because they still had placements going on, so I decided to take the liberty to explore Wrexham on my own.

The weather wasn't too bad and behind their accommodation, they had wild bunnies!! So adorable!

The town was pretty crowded since I got there around 11 in the morning and it wasn't that far from the accommodation. It was easy to get around to. I was actually searching for a certain cupcake cafe but by the time I got there after 30 minutes of searching for it, I realized that it shut down months ago and they didn't update their website!! >:( 

I wasn't happy since I was also sick at the same time. Anyway I moved on to have lunch with Celeste and explored abit more of the town by myself and ended up situating myself at their Costa coffee (i know lol) and settled down there to finish up some seminar work for the upcoming work. 

I spent a good three hours there getting work done and downing my coffee like no other. I had the strong urge to have a cupcake so I decided to search for another cupcake cafe and thank goodness I found one which was open and it was going to close in half an hour! I quickly packed my bags and rushed over to that cupcake place. 

By the time I got there, most of their cupcakes were gone but thank goodness they still had a few vanilla ones!! They ran out of oreo cupcakes though :( sad life. I got the vanilla cupcake regardless and it was sooo good, like I swear it's actually on par with Emma Jane cupcakes.

So if any one of you do pop by Wrexham, go to this cafe early and purchase their cupcakes and let me know what you think of it!!

p/s Wrexham's pretty dead after 4pm loooooooool.

Played around before dinner and accompanied C and TG to Morrisons for their grocery shopping adventures as to which I bought a peeler because my house back in Cardiff didn't have one and I was there, so why not?!? Random af though.

Wrexham's beautiful weather *inserts heart eye emoji* 

We planned to head off to Manchester the next morning (amagad, to those who knows me well, I hate getting up early in the morning) but for Manchester I will!! Plus it was only an hour and a half ride away. 

Manchester for part 2 next!

Signing off!
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