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12th July 2016.

As promised in my previous post that I'd blog about my graduation day once I have received all the pictures from everyone.

I was honestly really nervous for my graduation day, I was panicking over what to wear (to which I finally decided to wear a baju kurung hehe) and I was also panicking over walking on stage (There was no stage LOL more on this later).

I flew back to the UK straight after Raya with my mum, speaking of which KLIA really needs to work on their system of queuing ugh.

Managed to meet up with my dearest friends who stayed back in Cardiff since their course wasn't done yet (Medic students :P)

I received homemade Thai Tea ice cream personally made by my Yau Yau and it was delicious!! 

She actually made this a month ago for her charity run and was selling either thai tea or chocolate hazelnut ice cream to raise money for her charity run and it was a success! Super proud of her!! 

Some of the gifts I received on Graduation Day itself :) 

Thank you very very much guys :')

Made Wan Ton Chicken with Celeste and TG as a celebratory meal along with the sushi that was pre-made by Celeste. Hihi. 

The ceremony itself was short, there wasn't many speeches tho and when my name was finally called, I felt relieved and happy that I am now an official LLB Graduate. The event itself was at St. David's hall where we performed our Festival of Diversity back in February. LOL the hall is so stuffy!! Or maybe it's because I was wearing my robes. 

However, Law wasn't the only course graduating, there were students from the Politics course, Law and Criminology and so on. There were students who were graduating from their Masters program and PhD as well!

Cardiff's really efficient in the sense where they provide a live streaming for parents or relatives who aren't able to attend the graduation ceremony or do not have tickets to go into the hall since each student are only presented with two tickets. I gave one to my mum and one more to Celeste aka Yau Yau hehe. 

Baju Kurung - Zalora 

With some of my Malaysian coursemates, to which I won't be able to see most of them next September :'( 

Thank you for coming and I'll miss having you as my housemate who won't stop asking me 'Eh Sofea when you wanna get boyfriend ah??' HAHAHA.

My fellow favourite medics who are definitely going to work their butt off to save people's lives and treat me for free HAHA. 

My annoying partner in crime who willingly (*ahem*) watches Reality TV shows such as 'Love Island' and 'Murder U' on TV with me. 

Wouldn't be here without you, papa and kor kor :')

To my fellow coursemates, university mates and friends, congratulations on graduating and all the best in your future endeavours! May you all be successful in life (according to your own very definition of success ofcourse) and to remember the things that we have experienced and learnt throughout our time at university. Thank you to each and everyone back home in Malaysia who constantly supported me throughout my journey in the UK and I really wished that some of you were there with me, really. 

So to the past, present and future. Let's go. 

Signing Off! 
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