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I usually have random thoughts that pops up in my head once I get up in the morning and today’s post would be about transition. 
As we grow older, we tend to realize that we have less friends and we tend to focus on a few people and ourselves more. 
This doesn’t happen once we leave High School, but it happens the second we leave pre-school. 
Back in pre-school, I had tons of friends, we all knew each other regardless of what grade we were in. I didn’t even bother to know if any of them was younger or older than me, all i knew was that we were all friends and we played together (with the occasional ‘we’re not friends’ anymore bit and being friends the next second). 
Once we leave pre-school, we may not even remember the half of them who attended the same pre-school as us or maybe we will remember some. Heck, we may even stay best friends with them but what if we didn’t? It isn’t shocking to say nonetheless. I mean I remember the most of them and some of them remembers me (maybe it’s because we were neighbours before) but we’re not close anymore. 
Moving on to primary school, where (in Malaysia) we spent most of our younger years there for 6 years before we move on to be teenagers in high school. Primary school’s the place where we get to know what it’s like to be in a place filled with other kids we don’t know and we learn on how to make friends and we finally get our heads into the education game. I must admit that, being in primary school, we do stupid things (we still do). I was stuck in the same class for 5 years with the same people (with some going in and out over the years) and I remembered the laughters and fights we had back then. We were all so stupid and naive about things. It’s funny how when I left primary school, and I didn’t even feel sad about it. 
Then you enter high school, the place where you’re stuck at for several years, experience new things such as love, face puberty, bullying, friendships and other hardships. I wouldn’t say high school was all that great for me, I’ve made so many mistakes, I’ve hated people and people have hated me. I’ve made new friends and had fall outs with some friends. But, during graduation day none of that mattered, we all bid our goodbyes, promising to keep in touch through social medias and what not (obviously it doesn’t work for everyone), it was beautiful nonetheless. 
In college/university, everything seemed so new because after being 5 years in high school, you’re stuck in some kind of bubble and college’s the place that would burst your bubble and make you face reality. You’ll meet new people once more and you’ll have to use up your experiences from high school to deal with people but obviously those experiences may not be enough since you’re basically used to the people back in high school since you see them everyday. College’s different, you meet people from all over the place and not just one town. 
It’s a learning space for you to prepare yourself before you enter into the real world, you’ll see all kinds of stuff be it good or bad. Don’t be afraid, it’s okay. Challenge yourself to something that you’ve never done before and if people judge it’s okay, we all judge one another. As long as we know our very own intentions and that we don’t mean harm or anything bad then it’s okay. 
The real world isn’t going to be all flowers and rainbows, there will be storms and floods. It’s going to be a tough one out there, but you can do it. God doesn’t give you a challenge that would be more than what you can handle. So if you face something tough, embrace and fight it. 
You can cry, whine, complain, pity yourself about it, there is nothing wrong with that. It is never wrong to let your emotions out but just make sure you stand up stronger than before after all of that. Learn from your challenges and put it to good use.
Those transitions in your life has taught you something regardless of whether you were younger back then or not. In a few years time, when you’re older you’re going to look back at this time and tell yourself that you have come a long way despite the challenges you faced previously. 
Because I know I will. 
Signing Off. 
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