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Iceland Day 5 & Day 6 2015

Day 5 - 

Day 5 was a half road trip half city hopping day.

We headed towards Seljalandsfoss Waterfall first, the weather wasn't so great (as usual) but if you guys ever head over to Iceland during the Summer, please head towards this waterfall! There will be countless rainbows over there *inserts heart eye emoji* and omg it's just so beautiful [as witness in the Shahrukh Khan's music video in his latest movie]

We hiked up towards the back of the waterfall, it was a short hike but it was definitely steep and dangerous but.. we made it!!

We managed to stop by to look at the Icelandic horses aka cutie pies! They were so tamed and adorable! 

Then later on we headed back to Reykjavik which was actually really easy to get anywhere over there!

 The Laundromat Cafe in Reykjavik is really famous and their chocolate cake was just so scrumptious!!

It's a pretty hip and large cafe so don't worry about seats, also I spent most of my time there since I was exhausted while the rest took turns to go out to get some souvenirs for their friends and family. I only went out when everyone got back so that I could have some me time to myself! :P

We headed towards the Grillmarkadurin Restaurant (where their dishes are all grilled) and oh my goodness - it is theeeeee best and I really mean the best restaurant that I've ever eaten it.

I ordered the three fishes (Salmon, Cod and Wolf) and potato and grilled vegetables.

I do apologize for the bad photography though. But anyway!! It was brilliant and everyone needs to go there atleast once when they're in Iceland. The service was great as well, so I had a really good dinner, heh.


Day 6 - 

It was our last day in Iceland :( and as much as I don't want to, I have to leave for the land of rain and gloom aka the UK.

Visited the Hallgrimskirkja church early in the morning before we headed off to the airport. 

This is the Sun Voyager in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Can I please stress how beautiful it is?!? It looks so picturesque and I can't believe my eyes when I was over there, myself!

Food places;

If you guys would like to see more of what we did during the Iceland trip, feel free to watch my youtube video!

Signing off! 
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