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Pembroke, Pembrokeshire Spring 2016 Day 2

The next day we headed off to Pembroke which was 20 minutes away from Tenby. I was really excited to go to Pembroke since I've always wanted to visit Pembroke Castle where Henry VII was born and let me tell you this, the history was and still is amazing. 

Unfortunately it was a super rainy day in Tenby AND Pembroke (as evident by the picture above). It's funny how the both of us still had time to take a picture. 

Once we've reached Pembroke, we seek shelter in an Antique shop and looked around for awhile. 

It was pouring like crazy while we were at the castle but we followed a walking tour nevertheless since it was for free! The tour guide made it really interesting and apparently he's a retired History Professor. We stayed til the very end of the tour although I was extremely exhausted from all of the walking and heavy rain. We finally got to rest in their small cafe and got to dry ourselves and warm up as well. 

Later on, we walked around Pembroke which was relatively small and quiet as well. We stopped by this abandoned church since we missed our train and explored around it for abit. 

This picture was taken by TG.

We got back to Tenby by 6pm and it started to rain (again, omg Welsh Weather please) so we decided to have take outs instead and hung out in the B&B for the rest of the night. 

Hopefully this would inspire you guys to travel to Pembrokeshire. Nevermind the rain, but the place itself is fantastic and they have the friendliest people ever, I'm not even kidding! 

So if you'd like more details on our trip to Pembrokeshire, feel free to leave a comment! 

Signing Off!

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