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London 101, September 2015 - Day 1

During the Summer, my A*Stars and I decided to have a short trip down to London when the four of us get back to the UK. :)

We went to London from 18th - 20th of September, but guess what? We missed our train LOLOL, so we had to board the next train.

We stayed in Camden town, unfortunately I didn't get pictures of our AirBnb but the place was cool and the price was reasonable as well. Just that we had to share one bathroom with a few others (but rest assured, we had our own rooms - somewhat like a dorm style)

Due to the unforeseen circumstances, we arrived at London Paddington late and had to settle in quickly to get to the famous 24 hour skyscraper restaurant (which is located on the 40th floor) -

Duck and Waffle.

Due to their immense popularity, I had to book us a table 2 months ahead as it wouldn't be easy to get a table.

Their food is ofcourse up to standard and I can see why people love it there. I mean, I loved it very much haha.

Their main dish is ofcourse the one and only Duck and Waffle but they have other dishes in their menu as well.

Doesn't this just look amazing to you? 

Had their desserts as well, unfortunately it didn't impress me that much. 

Was a little tired that day due to Jetlags and what not. 

But Day 2 aka Harry Potter studios and Les Miserables will be updated soon! 

Signing Off! 
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