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Athens, Greece Part 3

We spent our last few days in Athens, Greece in which we took a plane from Santorini to Athens which was a 45 minute flight - although I wish the flight was a little longer since I wanted to snooze off a little more, LOL.

Anyway, we got to our airbnb apartment approx around 11pm and unpacked before heading off to bed to regain our energy the next day. But no, I had to fall sick but thankfully TG aka Dr. Ng brought meds and I had to take it since I had mild fever and a real bad flu.

But no matter, I managed to travel around Athens anyway.

We relied alot on the map so, make sure to get one yourself!

Joined a walking tour and went ahead to the Greece Parliament which was supposedly a castle for Royalties but there's no Royals in Greece anymore (?)

Oh btw, don't worry too much about transportation in Athens! It's way way much better than the ones in Santorini and Mykonos - way flexible too. We didn't have to rent a car but we took buses and tubes instead (But please do watch out for your things since there were many cases on pick pockets etc)

I loved this part of Athens, never have I seen so many trees with purple flowers. 

T-shirt; CAL 
Shorts; Zara
Shoes; Nike AirMax 

You guys probably think that i'm crazy by wearing tights on a very hot day but it got a little colder later on and i don't regret wearing it.

Unfortunately, the Acropolis is under renovation. Was a little disappointed but atleast it was still there!

Zeus's temple

Walked around the city for awhile, beware of gypsies guys! They're annoying as hell and I've seen them bug a few tourists here and there (Me, included) 

There was one lady who offered me a rose saying that it was for free, and when I took it from her she told me to give her a pound which I obviously didn't and gave the rose back to her. So yeah, beware! 

Went to watch the sunset (that we didn't get) at some Hill that was facing the Acropolis.

Visited the museum on the last day and went to have a good dinner at one of the restaurants.

Got sunburn't real badly.

What we had for dinner. :P

Then it was time to head back to the UK the next day but ofcourse nto without getting a typical touristy shirt. 

Got my name printed out on the back of the t-shirt but we were rushing so... I couldn't get a proper ootd photo. 

Anyway, thanks for reading and hope you guys enjoyed my posts on Greece (excuse the slow updates though). If any of you have got any questions regarding my trip to Greece or you guys would like to know where to go and what not, do not hesitate to leave comments in the section below! 

Signing Off! 
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  1. This looks amazing! I hope I get to visit one day!

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