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Cardiff European Games 2015

So, as the title says it - I will be blogging about another major event hosted by MSSCF.

Cardiff European Games is somewhat similar to Nottingham Games Malaysia and was also directed by Peter and Sean aka our Sports Directors.

I did mention before in the GenCorporate post that I had to rush back to Cardiff from London after Corporate Luncheon to get working on the Cardiff European Games since I was incharge of selling drinks under MSSCF, along with my other team members.

Amin and I went shopping at Tesco Extra to get 6 boxes of 7ups and Sprites, while the next day, Amin and Sher Wen went to get Bananas from the Cardiff Market. Whereas the other team members helped out with the decorations and cutting the fruits and what not.

Nasha and I got to the sports centre at around 8am to set up the booth and here's what our store was selling;

7up & Sprites (Carbonated Drinks)
Mixed Fruits (Honeydew, Melon and Watermelon!) 

We were ready to sell!

We managed to sell off everything on that day itself and enjoyed a football game at the same time!

Milo was our best seller, ofcourse ;) Who wouldn't love a good cup of Iced Milo?

Thank you so much to my team members who helped out days before for the decorations and on the day itself by promoting our drinks to other stalls and to people. I managed to even score myself a discount at the Nasi Kerabu stall heh heh.

Credits to Ariff for the pictures.

This post is awfully short but I promise that after this post, I'll be blogging mainly about lifestyle topics. Along with my experiences as a university student since I haven't been blogging much but I promise that I will be updating this when I have the time and when I am inspired.

Please do bare with me :)

Oh and the next post will be about my short trip to Leeds! :B

Signing Off!
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